Lynyrd Skynyrd’s recording studio is now an anonymous warehouse in Doraville

Per Wikipedia:

Studio One was a recording studio, located in the northern Atlanta, Georgia suburb of Doraville. The address was 3864 Oakcliff Industrial Court, Doraville Ga 30340. It is now occupied by a non related business and used as a warehouse.

Check out the list of albums recorded here, it includes not only four Lynyrd Skynyrd album but also probably the earliest recording featuring Ronnie James Dio on vocals.

In the 1970s and 1980s Doraville was a haven for blue-collar white Southerners, aka rednecks. This was gone by the early 2000s, as much of the original population was displaced by immigrants.

This is what the address on the wiki page looks like today. I almost have a hard time believing it. The red car in the center of the picture is parked next to the door of number 3864.


7 thoughts on “Lynyrd Skynyrd’s recording studio is now an anonymous warehouse in Doraville”

  1. I heard people still show up there and ask about the old recording studio should have a landmark in place there

  2. I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and lived in Doraville as a teen (1975 -1980). Christmas of 2018 I took my daughter to this warehouse as we toured where her dad hung out and famous haunts. As a kid we use to bicycle to this place in hopes to see the Atlanta Rhythm Section or a local band called Mother’s Finest. Which we never did. At the time I never knew Lynyrd Skynyrd recorded there. Needless to say my daughter wasn’t impressed and was grateful for smart phones because in modern times she now had better things to do than bicycle to a warehouse complex where nothing was gong on. I felt old but back in the day right down the block there were true rock stars we could stumble upon by pure accident. To a teenager of the 70’s the odds were in out favor and you just never know.

    1. Elf, which was Dio’s first recorded band, is listed on the wikipedia page as being a band that recorded at Studio One in 1972. I am not sure the source of this info, but assuming it’s correct then both Ronnie Van Zant *and* Ronnie James Dio recorded there.

  3. I’m sitting in front of it now. I’m from Green Cove Springs, Fl. Near the location of Hell House & the grave sites of Ronnie Van Zant , Steve and Cassie Gaines. . I grew up in Decatur Ga. Love Skynyrd , seen several concerts. Brings back great memories.

  4. I grew up in metro Atlanta in the 70’s and 2 of the most underrated bands during that time were Atlanta Rhythm Section and 38 Special. Both bands recorded here and this brings back good memories for me. If you look up the hits from these 2 bands it will surprise you.

  5. Sad. This band fought hard to get to where they did. They were seriously the hardest working band back then, only to be thrown to the ground. All that hard work, now an old relic debris field where little bits of aircraft aluminum are still found. One of the studios that helped create one of their greatest accomplishments, their last great accomplishment…… a nameless warehouse. Pretty damn pathetic Georgia.

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