Atlanta railfan locations: King Plow

Mr. Plow is a loser and I think he is a boozer, so you better make that call to the Plow King.

King Plow refers both to the King Plow Arts Center and to the NS control point located next to it.

The parking lots of the arts center are ok places to watch trains from, particularly the most northwestern one because it is the only one that is free to park in. I don’t have any photos to post from these parking lots because the fence ruins them, mostly. 

If you feel like getting out your car and walking around you will get much better views from the Marietta Street overpass.

I suggest getting there in the morning if you want to snag a parking space on the street near the bridge. This is a very busy part of town now that it is gentrified.

When looking north, you are looking at part of the large confusing interchange of NS and CSX tracks that is Howell Junction. You can’t see all of it from here. There is no one place to see all of it from. You can see different sides from the aforementioned parking lot, and from the end of Foster Street near the Goat Farm.

(At Foster Street you will be tempted to drive into the middle of the tracks and just park and wait for trains to go by. I have done this without incident, but not particularly lately. I’ve read it is a good way to run afoul of the railroad police. I wash my hands of the matter)

Here are a couple of southbound trains seen from the overpass. One of the two tiny buildings to the left of the tracks bears the actual green “King Plow” sign. Can you see it?

Looking south from here, trains have the downtown Atlanta skyline behind them:

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